Enterprise XR platform Snobal Cloud now available on Pico Store making VR/AR scaling easy for business

With the move to hybrid working and acceleration of adoption of VR/AR for learning universities and businesses have faced a barrier of how to scale VR/AR experiences. Snobal Cloud provides an answer.


We’ve been a tad quiet on the blog front at Snobal of late deep in the weeds on development of some new features and functionality on our platform, Snobal Cloud (more below) as well as attendance with some expos and virtual trade missions.

First up is the Land Forces Indo Asia Pacific : International Land Defence Exposition currently on in Queensland, which unfortunately due to the recent Melbourne lockdown team Snobal has not been able to attend IRL.

However luckily we have been there in VR which the photo from our partner, Cubic Defence Australia & New Zealand demonstrates below.

Photo courtsey: Cubic Defence Australia & New Zealand

Also we are participating in the upcoming inaugural Global Victoria Vietnam x Victoria (V2): Virtual Trade Mission (June 2021), to mark the launch of the 23rd Victorian Government Trade and Investment office in Vietnam. 

We’re looking forward to connecting with businesses in this market, so if you are or know any business in this market that would love to talk reach out.

And now onto the tech side where we have been busy with our platform, Snobal Cloud.

Snobal Cloud now available on the Pico Store

Late last year we announced a partnership with Pico Interactive to help accelerate and support the growth of the VR for business ecosystem. Pico Interactive is one of the leading VR headset manufacturers.

In April we announced that a Snobal Cloud update meaning the platform now supports the ability for organisations to remotely deploy, manage and report on their XR experiences.

And now the Snobal Cloud app is available on the Pico Store. It’s a big milestone for us as it means that 600K Pico headset users across the world have now the ability to easily access Snobal Cloud for remote deployment, content authoring and reporting of their virtual reality and augmented reality (XR) experiences.

What this means for business & educational organisations

With the move to hybrid working models and the acceleration of adoption of using VR/AR for blended learning many universities and businesses have reached a barrier in terms of how best to scale their VR/AR experiences using an enterprise platform.

Using Snobal Cloud app business and educational organisations can easily access an enterprise XR platform to launch VR/AR experiences faster and easier and reach more customers / students quicker.

Business and educational organisations can now:

  • Deploy applications (experiences) built by Snobal, built by organisation, or built by third party companies of organisations choice - or a mixture of all three;

  • Deploy XR application files (experiences) to multiple devices at once via the cloud. No need to sideload;

  • Application version control;

  • Remotely uninstall applications from devices.

Key benefits for business and education

Releasing Snobal Cloud app on the Pico Store is aimed at better supporting business and universities in their move to hybrid working models.

It does this by enabling easier access to adoption of a VR/AR cloud-first strategy for employee, student and customer engagement.

Releasing the Snobal Cloud app on Pico Store is also about removing roadblocks for business and education who might otherwise find barriers to deploying, managing and scaling their XR experiences.

If you would like a personalised demo of Snobal Cloud reach out and book a demo.

Book a demo

In case you missed it

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The future is blended learning where delivery will be predominantly online finds a report by Jisc, Universities UK, Emerge Education and AdvanceHE. The report finds US Universities alone spend $16bn USD a year on technology with most of the $$ spent on IT services, hardware, data centres and software that helps universities operate as businesses. COIVD19 has changed this. [Read]

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